Artist’s statement

Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria’s practice functions as a personal expression of unconscious imagery, whilst simultaneously investigating tropes of the fantastic, the queer and the grotesque in art history and visual culture. Through this investigation Wolfe-Alegria evokes hallucinogenic worlds and scenarios which explore notions of gender, sexuality and memory as well as our relationships with the natural world, both seen and unseen. He is also interested in the incorporation excessive detail and ornamentation, the gendering of ornament and its potential political functions within contemporary practice. Synthesizing as a kind of ‘psychedelic surrealism’ Wolfe- Alegria translates this vision through various mediums including drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture and installation.


Eduardo Wolfe-Alegria is an artist based between Sydney and the Southern Tablelands, who completed an MFA at Sydney College of the Arts in 2014. He has exhibited in numerous galleries in Australia and teaches in the Visual Communication and Fashion departments at the University of Technology, Sydney. He has been a finalist in a number of prizes and was awarded the People’s Choice prize in the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award in 2015. He is currently developing new works which connect archetypal fairytale imagery with contemporary notions of ecology, gender identity and psychoanalysis, underpinned formally by the “whiplash” curves of the Art Nouveau.